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Software Development intern -UX/UI

Mission for Software Development Intern - UX/UI


To build and deploy the Unum Manager Software Suite by creating core functionality that improves the workflows of all teams. Also, to work independent of Data and Integration teammates to prepare for initial launch of Unum Manager.

The Unum Team

Unum is on a mission to build perfect teams. We want to help organizations leverage technology to solve any problem, no matter how complex. This is the earliest of stages for us at Unum, LLC. We are selectively looking for a team of highly competent and highly ambitious problem solvers who want to join this mission. Our journey is a long one, but we expect it to be filled with challenges, results and one of the most exciting teams any of us have ever been a part of.


Your Impact

  1. Architect a beautiful and intuitive UI that highlights the incredible features of the Unum technology

    • Create web applications (Unum Assistant) and mobile applications (iOS and Android)

    • Passion for UX that results in a UI which maximizes the impact of the Unum Assistant on our end users

  2. Improve Unum application by simplifying data input and generating highly valuable reports/reporting  tools within the Unum application

    • Unum's technology requires a large volume of information which means that it's important data entry be incredibly simple

    • Develop UI for user friendly APIs that work natively in integrated applications while maintaining the simplicity of Unum's data entry

  3. Effective at working within a highly competent team of problem solvers while driving a subset of our initiatives independently

    • Unum's team is small, but highly intelligent so we want A-players who never back down from a problem and can work in parallel

    • It's critical that we have the ability to move quickly from one project to another and back again in an Agile development process

  4. Able to learn and implement new technologies

    • Integration is the keystone for Unum's success so it's imperative that we have the ability understand various technologies and create fluid integrations

    • In order to create a truly unique technology, Unum must work natively within our core user's comfort zone

  5. Effective problem solver with innovative ideas around the best solutioning methods

    • We are creating something from scratch which means all ideas are welcome and well thought out ideas will determine our direction

    • We need people who can dig deep, understand the fundamentals of situations, and get to the root of our initiatives

Key Skills


  •  Experience with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap

  •  Experience with JavaScript, AngularJS and/or PHP

  •  Experience with REST APIs

  •  Ability to create simple and beautiful designs

  •  Foundational understanding of data structures and algorithms

  •  Experience with Git

  •  Achieved or pursuing a Bachelors degree in Computer Science or similar field